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Similing Team

Work as a professional Recruitment Consultant on a retainer basis.

Work with top start-ups and growing organisations in India and abroad, on a retainer basis. We are looking for recruitment experts with experience in IT and non-IT industries.


The more niche your experience, the better!


Why should you work with us?

Flexibility :


You can be based anywhere in India. You can choose the projects that you want to work on. Your work timings are flexible.

Exciting projects :


You will be working with senior management of top funded start-ups, MNCs and SMEs. You will be a critical contributor to their growth story by sourcing top talent for them

​​Stable income :


You have guaranteed monthly retainer fee for every client that you work with. 

​Diverse experience in Talent Acquisition :


Build your career in Talent Acquisition and grow up to become the Head - TA, for a successful start-up.

​​Support Team :


You are ably supported by a team of professionals, tools and resources. We work as a team. You can bank on us for any support on the job.

​​Support Team :


You are ably supported by a team of professionals, tools and resources. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I don’t have experience in recruitment. Can I join you? Yes! We need specialisation in a particular domain (i.e ERP, Full Stack, UX UI, Project Mgt, Sales, Operations etc). You should also have an open mind to learn about talent acquisition. 

Do I get a monthly salary? You get paid based on the projects that you handle. If you take up a project for 6 months, you will be paid at the end of every month (like salary), till the project gets over. Once the project is over, you can move to a new project/client.

How does this work? We sign up with an organisation which is looking to hire. If you have the experience and knowledge in the area that they are looking to hire, we will suggest your name to the organisation. You will then be introduced to the management / hiring team. You will work with them like their own internal employee handling Talent Acquisition for them - but for a pre-decided time frame which starts from a minimum of 15 days. You will be paid on a monthly basis, during the course of assignment


How many organisations am I supposed to work with, at a time? It’s your choice. We advise one organisation at a time, but based on the volume and the positions, if you are able to manage one more organisation, we discuss with you and take a call.


What if the organisation is not happy with my work? We have a daily report, review and feedback system with the management. If you are just not able to meet the expectations, which is backed by data, we will have to reassign your job to another recruiter. We pay you for the work that you have done.


Is it a full time assignment? Yes, it is a full time assignment. You will be considered like a regular employee

Is it work from home? Yes, it will be work from home

Are the timings flexible? You will work as per the time schedules of the client. Normally from 9 to 6 PM. You may have to stretch if there are review meetings etc.

What kind of support do I get to fulfill my responsibilities? You will work in a team. One part of your team would be the client representatives and hiring managers, who will provide you with all the information and resources required for hiring. The second part of your team is Talent Bee, comprising of your reporting Manager and campaign team, who will work with you closely and help you close the requirements on time. At any point in time, you will have enough support system to fulfill your responsibilities

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