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Hire a specialist recruiter on short term assignment


Our team of managed recruiters are specialists in their own domain. They work as an extension of your organisation, on a subscription basis.

Meet your recruiter: You will be introduced to a specialist recruiter who has the hiring expertise in your industry. The recruiter is backed up by a team of sourcers, campaign managers and researchers at our end.



Initiate Sourcing : Recruiter works as an extension of your team, starting with discussions on your hiring requirements. The sourcing is done with your brand name and ATS. All the applicant data and pipeline will lie with you.

Shortlist and Hire!: Recruiter works with your hiring managers, pre-screens all candidates, organises interviews and even issues offer letters on your behalf.




Clients Trust Us


Positions Filled


Candidates Screened

You need the finest talent, we have the expertise to source them

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Team of Specialist Recruiters

Our recruiters are handpicked after stringent assessment of their skills and recruitment experience. Each one of them with expertise in a particular domain. They work more like a dedicated internal resource. You get the expertise of a specialist and tight alignment of an internal team.


Your Brand, Our Expertise

Your employer brand is important, whether you are a start-up or on growth stage. We use your brand name in all the campaigns and you own all the data. Choose from an array of technological solutions such as automated video interviews, skill tests, behavioral assessments to filter the candidates. The recruiter who works with you is ably backed by technology, recruitment tools, network affiliations and professionals in recruiting.

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Sustainable Hiring Solution

Move away from a transactional relationship to a strategic partnership. The recruiter who works with you over a longer period of time, understands the nuances of the role and cultural fitment better. Change from the standard commission structure to a sustainable and long term hiring solution.


Start-up hiring, solved!

As a start-up, you need the best of talent to join you. A traditional recruitment agency is too expensive and most of the time, not aligned to you internal requirements. You also do not want to set up an in-house recruitment team, which more often than not, is a white elephant in the room. How do you solve this? We got you covered. With us, you have the perfect alignment and accountability of an internal team and flexibility of an agency. 

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Coding Tests and Video Interviews

You can choose to run a particular test or conduct recorded video interviews. Our recruiter works as per your needs. We can run these tests and interviews on your behalf, help you shortlist and conduct pre-employment verifications too! You choose, we do.


We have 15 days, 1 month, 3 months and 6 months subscription plan based on your needs.



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